where i'd like to be in ten years

so i was going to do a thirty day challenge but the first one was "describe your relationship" and that would be boring as hell and the second one was "talk about religion" and since i'm not religious at all that one wouldnt really go anywhere so i'm picking and choosing

honestly i've kind of been sitting here thinking a lot about it because in ten years i'll be twenty seven (holy FUCK that doesn't seem real) and by then i'll have majored in psychology with a minor in criminal justice with at least six years of college finished and fuck me man writing that out makes me realize how shitty my life is going to be pretty soon?? i'm bumming myself out so i'm going to talk about a different aspect

i hope i'm in a relationship with someone whether me and alex last ten years or not (speaking realistically, probably not but i dont want to think about that either goddamn) mostly just because he's going to a different college and we'll be going in different directions this was kinda our last summer together everything's going to be really different soon ANYWAYS i really hope i'm with someone at this point and i hope i've done everything i wanted in the sense that i spent those college summers wisely and went on a fucking road trip for two months to who knows where and met people and i want to still be writing FUCK i hope i'm still writing, it probably wont be a story about some insomniac who conveniently dates his new neighbor (why did i make cole and dustin meet that way omg i hate myself tbh) but i want to be writing about whatever is inspiring me in ten years whatever that may be but i hope it's good and i hope i'm happy fuck i just want to be happy and i want to have an apartment with my boyfriend and i hope i'm coming close to getting some big psychologist job and maybe thinking about adopting a kid in a few years and this is kind of making me sad because i want this summer to be on repeat for the next five years i want to smoke and stay with alex and wake up every morning with him and a "so what can we do today just because we can" mentality GROWING UP SUCKS

i'm done sorry this was long but it's 2 am almost i'm a little too sober and this just kinda came out. where do you guys see yourself in ten years?
August 13th, 2012 at 10:52am