Day 5236

I did nothing, except clean the junk closet, wash a few dishes, and organize everyone's shoes. I hate school, but sometimes I kinda want it to re-start. See, I've gone insane.

I have been listening to "Bullet proof Love" by Pierce The Veil all day.

"My love for you was bullet proof, but you're the one who shot me"

I don't know when we are going school clothes shopping, or school supply shopping. If and went we go clothes shopping, we have to go to a thrift shop. They have cool oldies stuff, and if I'm going to wear a uniform, I'm going to do it right, god darnnit! I plan to get a blazer and a tie at the very least. Also because the stuff there is cheaper, so it will be easier to convince my mother.

Since I am forever alone, I have decided to say that I am focusing on only three things. Bass playing, fashion, and my education. Art falls under my education. Kinda. Just stick with it.
But it doesn't make any diffrence since the only person I would ever even lay eyes on is Gerard Way. I love that man. Reasons I adore him:

He is also an Aries like yours dearly.
He is very theatrical.
The way he speaks out of the right side of his mouth.
His smile.
Once, in a show, he stopped everything because a fan was getting trampled.
He is into cartoon art.
He roose above the bullying he faced.
He likes batman a lot for some reason.
He is into cartoons.
He is just the best nerd ever.

I don't know. It's just I only like Gerard Way. I've had other phases and crushes but only Gerard Way has stayed. Sometimes , you just can't help but "fall in love " with your hero.

Anyways, I am doing tennis. I seriously don't know what can over me, that I finally had the balls to go up and try out. When tryouts come, I'm seriously going to be kicking me. I am terribly self conscious.

This isn't fair!
Don't you try to blame this on me!
My love for you was bullet proof, but you're the one who shot me!

My mom is making chiles rellenos, yum!!!!!!

So, what's up? Anything happening out there?
Anybody going to do anything?

Uhhhh, crap! I left the lettuce out, I for got I was gonna make lunch! It's seven and I haven't ate anything beside breakfast! My anus is getting handed to me later.

August 15th, 2012 at 01:32am