Senior Year

Honestly I can't believe it's going to be the start of my senior year next week. It's weird to go back to school after summer vacation and I'm freaking out because I have done literally nothing to prepare myself. Practically this whole summer consisted of me sleeping, eating and going to training for soccer or going out with my friends.

I think I want this year to be laid back and I'm going to try not to get stressed out with the whole college application and SAT scores and what not. I think the only thing I really want to do before school starts is get my Isaac Lahey story started.

Now let me clarify exactly how I feel about this. I'm having this internal battle with myself with names of the main protagonist and it's driving me crazy. Also I wanted to know if anyone knows any other good stories about Isaac Lahey because the ones I've read on mibba just blew my mind. Like all I want to do is read more stories about him. Daniel Sharman is an absolute dream especially with his accent.

Uhm, I think that's it. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer or if you started school I hope you've had a good start to the school year.
August 16th, 2012 at 07:39pm