Procrastination and schmelps feels


I was typing up my whole schmelps feelings, but Mibba started acting up on me. Well that saves you from reading my rambling.

But look at them, they're just so adorable! It saddens me that they won't be training together anymore. But hopefully I see her in the next Olympics. I feel like the next Olympics (at least the swimming portion) won't be the same without Michael. There's still Ryan Lochte, Nathan Adrian and Chad Le Clos (who isn't even on Team USA, but whatever), but they aren't Michael Phelps.

Which reminds me, Ryan Lochte is so dumb (or at least he appears to be), but I love him. All his tweets are hard to understand, but that's why they're funny.


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So while I've been moping around, I've neglected all the homework I'm supposed to be doing. That also means I have no inspiration for any writing. And even if I do (even the slightest), I'm just too damn lazy to start it.
August 23rd, 2012 at 12:00am