I feel guilty, lol

I recently got sick. I had a stuffy nose and now I'm coughing and my throat sort of hurts. Well, I ended up getting my boyfriend sick. I mean, I did warn him, but I still feel kind of guilty. And I don't know if he's playing it up or if his immune system just sucks, but today he went to the office to get crackers because he said he felt like he was going to pass out. Which was most likely true because he hadn't eaten lunch. But he just texted me saying he might not be at school tomorrow.


How is he THAT sick?



I talked to my dad today for the first time in two weeks. He left two weeks ago because of his drinking. It got completely out of control and he was threatening my mom's life and saying he was going to burn the house down and stuff like that. So, my mom told him to leave. I wish I could say that since then, he's been sober. But when he came over here he looked AWFUL. I wish he'd just learn...damn.
August 24th, 2012 at 03:12am