things i'm currently worrying about (day 7)

1. college
2. college
3. college

there's my blog and that pretty much sums it up i dont even need to add anymore FUCK

but i will anyways because it's late and i'm tired and rambling comes easier when you dont really have a filter on what you're saying anymore cause you're past the point of caring but seriously man i'm trying to spend my days figuring out ways to slow down time but in the process it feels like time's only moving faster and summer's ending and somehow it's already almost the end of august?? all i have to show for this summer is an idea for a story i'm afraid to write, a relationship that's going to go in different directions in two weeks, empty bags stashed underneath my bed that used to be filled with weed, and a netflix instant queue that seems fuckin endless

basically i'm worrying about college because suddenly i feel too fucking young for it and graduating early is feeling like the biggest mistake at this point but i'm worrying about not being able to afford my tuition even with a few scholarships and i'm worrying about not having enough time to write and i'm worried about losing friends and just feeling out of place that's not even the right way to describe it?? feeling like i'm losing the hold i have on everything around me


yeah but basically the only way i can think of to stop worrying so goddamn much is to relax and to read something or rewatch my favourite x files episode or think about characters i wanna write about and figure out more of what i want them to be.

what are you guys worrying about?
August 25th, 2012 at 06:09am