Am I really that much of a loser?

I'm not part of the popular preppy athletic group. Never have been probably never will be. My sister is. And then my brother - I think it's too early to tell where he'll end up in high school since he's only in sixth grade. But lately he's turned into one of those douche-y guys who makes fun of people. He's always been annoying but he's changed so much.

Every single day when there's almost no one else left on the bus he like harasses me. For example today, he called my name and I looked over and he acted like he didn't even say my name. So, I went back to reading my book and he kept saying my name and trying to get my attention, but I just ignored him. And then every single day when we get off the bus, he always runs in front of me as we're walking to the front door and then break checks me. It's the most annoying thing ever.

And just every day around the house he'll do stupid sh*t like that. I'll be walking towards the laundry room and he'll stick his foot out to trip me. I'll walk past him to go to the fridge and his back will be to me and he'll kick his foot up to hit me with it. On top of that, he always makes fat jokes about and calls me a 2 by 4 and tells me to put my fork down.

I mean, I've been harassed like this before by guys at school. But my own f*cking brother.

I hate it. I hate living here. I hate him.

And what I've noticed is that he never makes fun of my sister. I feel like it's because she's part of the preppy group at school. I mean, that's how the douche bags at my school work.
August 28th, 2012 at 09:49pm