I have an indescribable fascination with the night sky, maybe because it is so calm and beautiful, looking down upon this ugly world. The freckles scattered across my nose come and go with each passing day and my feet are always always always cold. My emotions are just as varied as my music taste. I find commitment impossible and my heart constantly aches for something more. I believe in magic, fairy tales, and miracles because if I didn't, my life would be awfully, painfully boring. I believe that there is more out there in this world for me, something magnificent, something extraordinary just waiting for me to find. I dream big because that’s what dreams are for; they have no limits; they exist strictly for us and not for anyone else, so if you keep your dreams small then they aren’t doing their job. I don’t hope for better days ahead, I await them with excitement because I know they’re on their way. I make a wish every 11:11 not because I expect it to come true, but instead I like the power that wishes hold. To me, the moon is majestic and thrilling; it’s comforting to know that it has been the same moon gazing down upon me since I was a little girl, not everything changes. Summer nights are magical to me, the air enveloping me and wrapping me up in its starry wonders. My childhood will forever hold my fondest memories, each year taking me by the hand and blessing me with such happiness and innocence. Innocence will be something my heart will never let go of. This world tries to strip us of our most precious emotions, leaving us with nothing but anger and jealousy, but those of us who hold on tight enough learn that we never have to give the world what it wants.
September 3rd, 2012 at 08:27pm