Mibba Contest Question: What's a pre-write??

Hey!! How is everybody doing tonight? Hopefully everyone is doing well and hopefully someone can help me out with this little dilemma I have.

So I’ve been looking around the Mibba Forums page in search of a cool contest I can enter. I’ve never entered a contest before so I got a couple of questions that I’m hoping that maybe some smart Mibbians can help me out with??

So while I’m clicking on different contests and reading their rules and regulations, I’m getting a little confused by ‘Pre-Writes’. Some contests say that no pre-writes are acceptable in the contest entry; some say they are encouraged so I’m wondering. What is a prewrite?! Is it like you can’t have it already posted on Mibba, or you can’t have it written at all? I don’t understand!

If anybody can help me out and tell me what the hell pre-writes are, I would SUPER appreciate it!! Thanks so much in advance.

BTW: Does anyone have any favorite contests? I’ve been searching around the forums and a couple have caught my eye but nothing really in particular. If anyone has any cool contests, or if you’re hosting one, I would gladly check it out!
September 4th, 2012 at 05:30am