31 Day Writing Challenge... #3 - Old Drama

3. Summary of the story.

I'm pretty sure I did it that in the first one but what the hell. I love the story and promise I wouldn't post it again but a quick run through won't hurt. I said I wouldn't post the fake story but I never said I wouldn't tell the really one. However, I'm going to leave the fake names in and at the end I'll tell you how played how in my Pride and Prejudice or Pride and Push-Ups

This was all Kelly fault. She the one point out during the middle of six grade that all the girls that the boys liked had breasts the size of melons. Which at first didn't bother me until I like Damien. He was Basketball player with a beautiful smile. Well, he started dating Cassy. Cassy in a nutshell was all breast and mouth. She was loud, popular, pretty, a fashionista, and never wear a sport bra, not even at gym. I'm not going to lie I hated her but that was better they where dating, she was always paired with even elementary school. She was a follower and a big mouth, I really didn't see what he saw in her.

They start dating and at first I good at pretending I didn't care. Then Cassy started being friend with Rose; my best friend at the time. Rose was never that popular but I knew she wanted to be apart of 'incrowd', at times so did I. This really drove a wedge between me and Rose who had just come into her own set of melons. She wanted to always hang out with Cassy and I was trying to respect theirs, Cassy and Damien's relationship, which I couldn't promise if I was always around them. Damien was always with Cassy, Cassy was always with Rose, which means if I hung out with Rose then I was going to be around Damien. When I was around him I can't talk. Its a nervous thing, I get nervous and all my word just disappear, I start a sentence and can't finish it and when I do it 's just mindless dribble.

This whole event would have never happened if Rose wasn't such a follower that she outed me to Cassy and her friend. Now I know what your thinking, there no way she would the whole Bitch-Stay-Away-From-My-Men thing because that would be so teen drama clique but she did. I don't know why, I hadn't done anything, and wasn't planning on. If he wanted to date me then he would, I don't chase guy, I like to be chased.

I don't find out Rose outed me until we're half way through the whole thing but you can believe I went postal. I was livid, pissed and dangerous. I told her off in front of the whole cafe. She was dead to me at the time. Which I now know I was being dramatic but whatever, I was just a middle scholar. By that time I didn't know that Cassy told everyone I was jealous of her and that she was worried I was going to try and seal him. That why a lot of the people I use to be cool with suddenly didn't want to be my friend.

Damien being the great boyfriend that he was avoided me like that plague. Rose being the follower that she was did what the crowd did and ice me out, and Cassy played dumb and innocent. Then I found out, then I went nuclear misuse on Rose. I got so bad that Rose's mom called my mom. A parent piece talk, I stay away from Rose and she stays away from me. I tried to explain to Cassy that I wasn't going to try and steal her boyfriend but she didn't care. In all honesty I fell like she liked the attention this whole thing was giving her.

While I was being dragged down she was being pulled up. Everyone was on her side. That was until the third act. Damein and Cassy broke up, it was public and evilly sweet. I later learned that that there was collateral damage, Damien and Cassy where fighting because Damien thought Cassy was doing to much. I much later found out that one of Damein friend learned from Rose that Cassy made up some of the thing she said Rose told her but Rose didn't want to outed Cassy, BITCH Please. You won;t out her but you'll out me.

That same friend whom in the story I called Kevin, told Damien that Rose was scared that I would hurt her and that Cassy mostly likely have her jumped if she said anything. I got it, I could see why she was scared but I found all this out at in the middle of eight grade. Which is why I wrote the story, this all took place during six grade and I was still suffering the backlash effect. No one was talking to me and I was the enemy. The dangerous boyfriend stealer with a bad rude attitude.

Damien started talking to me again but I didn't make any friends. I got into books, read a lot and over time it just wasn't that important to me. I rearranged the court of events and took some part and put them together to juicy up other parts and made my own version of Pride and Prejudice. Then three short months later I was found out by Jimmy, and he told showed everyone but we were in high school and nobody cared about what happened in middle school.

Me and Damien dated for a month after he read the story but it didn't work out. He wasn't as prefect or as dreamy as he was in my head but he was still a great guy. We just didn't have anything in common. Rose thanked me for not beating her up and for not making her look as bad in the story. She asked if we could friend and I said no, it's was high school and I couldn't risk heaving someone I didn't trust around me. Jimmy was apart of my new group of friend and I love him, Almost Awesome Gay Kid Ever! I don't know what happened to Cassy and frankly I don't care.

I learned quickly not care what other people think. I think more before I speak and I chose my friend more wisely. I learned a lot about being a friend and just saying your friend.

Character List : Real Person
Elizabeth Bennet : Me -->Abby
Fitzwilliam Darcy : Damein
Caroline Bingley: Cassy
Jane Bennet : Rose
Charles Bingley : Kevin
Lydia Bennet : Kelly

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