31 Day Writing Challenge... #4 - Sweet Revenge

4. Background/History of the story

So, Like I said in the previous blog I wrote Pride and Push-Ups out of revenge and acceptance. I want to tell the story from my point of view. Which is why I think I secretly wanted to get caught. I didn't hide names well and I took the truth then I posted it on a website I knew kids from my school was on. I just need to do it. I felt better afterwards, then it came out and my name was cleared.

Another reason I think I wrote it was because I had just finished reading Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman which was a retelling of what guess they want to be Pride and Prejudice but was more of a retelling of Sense and Sensibility. That made me kind of mad, so, I guess I put pen to paper and made my own.

Once It was uncovered and everyone read about it, I had to constantly here about how everyone knew that I would do that. Most of those same people who didn't want to be seen with me where all "I can believe they where being like that to you. I always knew you where better then that. You no homerecker." or my favorite "I was always on your side." Yeah right! Most of those people would even talk to me on the phone, so, what now I'm suppose to believe that I wasn't alone and they all had my back,

No Thank You. I'll have my own back and I don't need your approval. Rose did it to, saying ' she was force by cassy to tell her my secret. Even if that was true then how did it come up. I didn't believe her then and I still down now. I've become quite independent and I like it.

Damien said he didn't know it was that hard on me and apologize for him and Cassy. He said he was sure she would apologize for her behavior and I deserved someone to do it. That's what made me like him again after he closed me out. I always got him doing that from the every beginning.

A week before sophmore year started I took the profile and story down. It was to never be heard from again but it did spark my interest in writing, now all I have to do is figure out what I want to writing and refine my skills.

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