I have been gone off of Mibba for something close to five months. I tried to come back two months ago and that really didn't work out for several reasons. But I am officially hitting the refresh button on my Mibba life. I will most likely not be on as much as I used to--which was all the time--and I doubt I will be as active. Mostly I am going to use Mibba for the basics--reading and writing. I have several stories planned, as usual, and I am hoping to work on some of the ones I have already posted on here. I will admit that I doubt any of the stories I was working on on here will turn out the way I had original planned (except maybe my Damon Salvatore story because there is a notebook filled with shit for that monster).

But, yeah. I am working on three things all of which involve the television show Supernatural, and all three of them are Destiel. There is a short-ish story that will end up being about six chapters, there is a continuous verse that is going to be filled with nothing but pervy, kinky sex and then a monster of a story that I am most excited about where Castiel has OCD.

On the last note I would like to say heyo to my fellow Mibbians. I am actually back this time. I don't think I'm going to be poofing anytime soon so if anybody wants to start talking again message me or leave a comment.

September 6th, 2012 at 05:07am