31 Day Writing Challenge... #5 - Never Again

5. Is this story in a series? Tell about the prequels and sequels if they're being planned?

No. The story was not apart of any series. My best friend made me promise not to repost it, she said once it done be done with. I agreed with her I'm not going to keep reliving it. I'm also under contract by Damien to not put it up. He get embarrassed by it. Once it was all written and posted I thought about writing a complete made up sequel. I was even going to keep the theme of retelling Jane Austen books. I'd chosen to do it in a retelling of Persuasion because me and Damien started dating after half a year but I just got busy and it wasn't a priority and I didn't care anymore. All I know is that I won't be writing a sequel anytime soon and probably not in the future.

Fun Fact: I'm currently reading a book given to me by a person from my book club and it's a parody of Pride and Prejudice called Prom and Prejudice.

‎Wednesday, ‎September ‎05, ‎2012
September 6th, 2012 at 06:14am