31 Day Writing Challenge... #7 - No Mostly Revenge

7. Talk about the themes and plot of the story.

I think I went over this one before so I'm sorry if I did. I don't pick the questions, lucky for you or they would be a lot weirder. The story's themes and plosts are: Conceit, pridefulness, content, self-respect, self-image, arrogance, snobbery, smugness, self-importance, bad opinion, foregone conclusion, illiberality, injustice, misjudgment, narrow-mindedness, one-sidedness, preconceived notion, preconception, prejudgment,assumption, preconceived idea, interpersonal perception, believing in a just world, self-serving bias, depressed, self-esteem, self-presentation, overjustification, self-control, self-presentation, drama, social identity, social relationships, self-awareness, social learning, social acceptance, social rejection, conflict, peer pressure and most of Social Darwinism. Need I say more, No! Middle schools a B*tch! I hated it and would go bad even if they'd pay me. I hated being judged for stupid thing and high school wasn't much better. I was glad when I graduated. The one thing I do miss is my homeroom teachers, I always got the coolest ones. I miss you Ms. B. She use to let me side all the time.

P.s. Blog Monitors there have been a lot short blogs then mine. Oh, and one more thing, It's not being cheeky if I'm right. Love Yay!

Word Count: 213 with 1393 characters


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