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I think--by some weird miracle--I am all Destiel-ed out. I go and try to read a SPN fic and I'm like "Uh, no, thanks". Not even PORN! I think I may be sick. It's the only explanation I can come up with. I don't think you can get tired of reading something. Especially Destiel. But it has given me a chance to catch up on Original fiction and actual books. I started this book Wormwood by G. P. Taylor today. I've only read two pages but it's a good two pages, but I've been wanting to read it since I started my story Night World, because it's where I get the town name from. And I now finally have the chance. Between speed writing my stories.

I am also over at my brother's apartment so I am mellow as can be. It's amusing to me how much my mood changes when I leave my house. Not that I don't like my house, it's just nice to get away from . . . responsibility. When I'm here and I can just do whatever the fuck I want and not feel guilty--even though I most of the time I do end up help cleaning. But that's just because I can't just go over to someone's house and not help them when they are doing something.

So with my new found relaxation I am going to try and work on my NaNo ideas. I just have to figure out which one I want to do. There are five of 'em that I am tossing around in my head, three are Destiel fanfictions and two are originals.
1. Dean works for the landscape company that takes care of Cas' family's manor.
2. Cas runs a blog and Dean is an anonymous reviewer who says horrible things to him.
3. Dean has to do community service along side Castiel.
4. Two girls meet and hookup at a house party, takes place in the 80's.
5. An incestuous story of twin brothers.

I have no idea. I give myself a week before I start flipping out if I don't have a set idea.
September 8th, 2012 at 11:43pm