I need some advice.

So before I left for college, I had a job at a coffee house and had a decent amount of money saved up. But prior to my leaving, I got into a car accident that cost me $500. Then because my mom couldn't take out a parent plus loan, I had $1,000 in tuition that I had to pay for myself (with the help of my grandmother, since I didn't have that kind of money to blow).

Now that I've been here for a while, I applied for a position as an office assistant and got an email back that they would like to interview me. My interview was last Friday, and because I was so nervous, I'm not exactly sure how it went. I'm now really worried that I'm not going to get the job, which I need, so I was wondering if I should send the interviewer a thank you note to remind him of our interview since it was a few days ago and hopefully just be something that the other people he interviewed might not do or think of. They were interviewing 40 and hiring 20, so I've got like a 50% shot at being hired and really would like to increase those odds in my favor.

I'm just worried that it could come across as overkill. Any thoughts?
September 10th, 2012 at 03:14am