31 Day Writing Challenge... #8 - Her,Me,We

8. Introduce us to a main character (just one!)

Well, If you know anything about Pride and Prejudice then you know that the main main character is Elizabeth Bennett or Lizzy Bennett. My characters name was Amy Barker. It was a play off of my really name. I want the character to be as much like me but to retain her Lizzy aspects. So I had to be careful how I wrote her. I found a good way of executing it, she would act more like Lizzy but her thoughts would be more like mine. Lizzy witty yet pulled back sarcasticism with my outrageous and overactive imagination. I think I did a great job of blending her. I think it hadrons fun writing her part because it was like Jane Austen was playing out in my really life. Which as a hardcore fan and reader was mind-blowing. I wish Jane Austen where still alive and able to write more books or that some one would post or sell the rest that are out there. I'm still not posting it but I did start rereading it.

P.s. I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday but my aunt passed and we had to go to her house and help her kids. R.I.P. Cookie.

Saturday, ‎September ‎08, ‎2012
September 10th, 2012 at 05:28am