Mibba Seems to Be Changing Drastically[Not completely persuaded that this is a good thing]

So, recently I have returned to mibba after nearly a year hiatus. I had writers blocks for a while and that stemmed from the time that I had wrote over 2,000 words for a chapter, that ended up being accidentally deleted. Since I have come back, I've noticed that the old writers' whose work I once adored, have vanished. The crowd happens to be replaced with even more fan-fictions than when I disappeard. Now, I have nothing against fan-fics if they are original, but the ones I've come across are all the same. Besides the one I read last night, titled, "Beauty Through Broken Glass." There seems to be an epidemic of zombie stories these days. Haha. Get it? Epidemic? Nevermind.

These aren't all horrible, shockingly. Surprise, surprise; I enjoy a few good zombie movies and young adult novels. Back to the point, I have this feeling in the pit of my gut that mibba will soon end because everyone has moved on to wattpad or something. I was there for a few weeks then I deleted myself because of all the pressure of having accounts to quizilla, mibba, and booksie. I know that this is a creative writing site, but I honestly feel that mibba is more on the grounds of Articles, Magazines, Blogs, and Tutorials. I miss the old mibbian days when it was all about the stories and poetry(even though I'm horrible at poetry).

I'm attempting to figure out if I should go with the program, or move my work somewhere that it can be more appreciated. You tell me.
September 13th, 2012 at 09:05pm