31 Day Writing Challenge... #12 - Hard To Pick

12. What top ten scenes do you find the most complicated to work on? (in your story)

1.) Sex Scenes : I hate to write sex scenes. I always feel perverted when I try to post them that why my story "At Your Own Discretion..." Comes to a halt right before I have to post them.

2.)Flashback : I hate writing these because I always have a hard time making them relevant to the current parts of the story.

3.)Flashforwads : Flashforwards trip me up when I'm writing because until I deal with it its all I can think about. I worry about where I'm going with the story and If I don't know then it freaks me out.

4.) Mystery Scenes : Setting up mystery scenes are easy for me. Its unvailing then that's hard. I never think its go enough. I worry and I worry until I post. I if people like it then I happy and want to write more but if they don't then I get a like depressed and my writing suffers.

5.) Mean Girls/Jerky Guys : I don't have many genuinely mean people I really know, so when I'm writing mean girl/ jerky guy parts I feel goofy. I always feel silly and over dramatic or like it's out of some Disney teen comedy.

6.) Explaining Timelines : When I'm writing I have hard time keeping the event on a straight line so the reader can follow the story. I hate when I write time sensitive situations where I have to pay very close attention to the dates.

7.) Climaxes : I won't say I hate writing climaxes to stories so much as I have a hard time picking the mean point or meaning of the story which is decide in the climaxes.

8.) Story Endings : If I get to the end it hard, long, emotional, and personal battle that I'm sharing with the reader. By then I mostly likely have built a personal connection to the characters and don't want it to end.

9.) Flirting Scenes : The same embarrassment as sex scene with the silliness of mean girl/ jerky guy scene. In really life I'm a bit flirtatious but I don't talk about it so you can imagine how hard writing about them feels.

10.) Suspense Scene : When I'm writing suspense scenes I offend lose the tone or mood of the scene and that me go back and reread it . This makes the writing process much longer and hard on me.

This was not in any particular order.

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