31 Day Writing Challenge... #13 - Research Nerd

13. Do you do any research for your story?

To be completely honest I always feel the need to do research every time I write something down. I can't go on with knowing if I wrote it right or if it is actually correct. I obsess over it. Once I know its right then I'm okay with moving on. If I have a story based around an event or time period then I do a hell of a lot of research pre-hand.

I do do it to try an fill the character out. I hate when I'm trying to write something and there's no info on the subject or event or a specific person. I truthfully feel there no such thing as knowing it all or having to much information.

It can sometime be hard but I do think research is my favorite part. I secretly love it because there always something new to learn. I also find it relaxing when it do, it make me feel like I know more about what I'm going to write into the story and what I'm not and sometime even helps me with pacing.

You got me I'm one of those kids that loves school, not that my grade would reflect that. I love doing research for my stories but sometime it can stop me from writing a story but I will always do my research before putting pen to paper cause you never want to be wrong.‎

A/N : I'm all caught up and I promise I will try harder to post on time. Bye!

Thursday, ‎September ‎13, ‎2012
September 14th, 2012 at 05:55am