31 Day Writing Challenge... #14 - I Hate Lists

14. What are your top ten least favorite things to write about? (in general)

1.) Prefect people because there no such thing but that not so in the make believe world.

2.) Famous people such as politician, actors/actresses, singers/rappers and/or athletes. Most times I need to write about them for the story or article but I don't want too. The reason I don't like it is because I don't know them.

3.) Stories involving war in the major of it. I find its normal chaos and hard to keep up with but not impossible.

4.) Dieing people: when I have to kill a character of its the most dramatic thing. Sometime I even cry. It doesn't matter how they die or why or even if its a good thing I seriously dislike kill my characters.

5.) Other peoples writing, I've helped writ‎e, finish writing and even picked up other writes stories from them. I find it hard to try and figure out what they where writing or trying to get to in it.

6.) Stories about alien or space, I'm a Star Wars and Star Trek fan and those are the only stories I've ever liked about space so It errks me to write about aliens or space because I never things its good enough.

7.) Reviews. I don't like it but sometimes I've promised or have too. I hate writing about the books I've read.

8.) Other countries. I haven't been anywhere outside of the country so it hard for me to write about places I've never been.

9.) People I know. I know my writing career so far was started off of a story I wrote about people I know but that was driven by vengeance.

10.) I hate writing about thing I say I hate.beacuse I know that I will change my mind at some point. I also don't like it because then I have to pick and categorize them into sections.

This was not in any particular order. I also don't think I'm answering these questions right.

P.s. I'm sorry Mibba wasn't up loading for me. I was pissed. i felt like Mibba was trying to make me into a lier.

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