Katsumi Tells All: Night Of Champions

Okay guys this is a Katsumi Tells all but its going to be a little diff, I'm going to make it all about Night of Champions which is a WWE PPV this is a new segment I'm going to start wich is going to be my wrestling updates, but at the end of the blog I'm going to share a couple stories I think really deserve some comments also I'd like you guys to recc me some WWE stories if you have any or know of any thanks

Okay so my predictions are Layla keeping the title cause Eve is going to interfear
Cena will win but it will be a DQ cause Punk is scared,
The great white will win against Delrio but Zigg is going to cash in the MITB and then Ziggy will lose to Orton and that will start him fueding for the gold again,
Ryder will be the new US champ, Miz will keep the Intercontinital but only cause he'll do something dirty that or Cody will win...
Left off my tag team predictions wich I think will be Kan and Bryan for the win Koffie and R Truth have had them to long to keep them unless WWE is trying to set up a fued with them in which case I see the champs keeping it but only cause The Prim Time Players #Millions of dollers are going to interfear and there will be a DQ of some sort.. Match is starting hope I'm right

So we started the night of with what I am happy to share with you all is Jerry 'the king' Lawler is doing well and will get to go to his home in Memphis some time this week.. And then we go news I'm not so happy to hear is JBL is who replaced King tonight for Color commentating, him and Cole just don't to good with the back n fourth so fare its been boo..

The first match we started off with tonight is the Fatal four way for the Intercontinital which so fare has been great we've even seen what it would be like if Sin Cara and Mystrio went one on one but it looks like Ray's knee is bothering him again ..

I knew there was a reason I loved fatal four ways, this match has been so good and its still anyones game Cody to foucused on getting the mask of Sin Cara, this match keeping me on the edge of my seat loving it so good.. The Miz retains his title and suprisingly he didn't cheat to win

So it looks like I have to change my predictions for the Ladies champ, I still think Layla will keep her title but I think its going to not be an easy win as some one hurt Caitlyn back stage and shockingly it couldn't have been Eve cause she was screwing with the Prim time players.. I think it was Beth and thats who is going fight Layla and lose again proving Layla is the best Diva right now...

I cant believe what I just saw Kan and Bryan hugging it out in the middle of a match okay at first I thought this whole anger mangement thing was funny, but now its just getting stupid..

But I was right I'm 2 for 2 so fare Kan and Bryan win the titles and are the new tag team champs, I don't think its ganna last long though these two cant work togather to save a life

Blah I'm so sick of Cesorio (If thats even how you spell his name) I don't think he can wrestle I think his gimick of saying simple words in other languages is stupid, the fact he was first a rugby player makes it worse, he's not a freaking throw back he's an idiot, who needs to go back to what ever state he came from or get a new gimick of course he reminds JBL of himself their both retards and sucks in singles competitions I'm rooting for Ryder to get the title back again WooWooWoo You Know It!!!

JBL you might not like anything about Ryder and you know what thats okay cause most of us don't like you, good you admire his hard work though I guess, cant say I admire anything about you other then when you was in the APA

And the winner is not Ryder, Cesario played dirty to win dang Aksauna

Love seeing that David is faking his injury and making delrio's personal ring announcer fake his as well.. Hope they reinstate the Broug kick tonight... Now I have to go Randy Orton is on the screen and I'm so watching his match this man is ... he's so about to beat Ziggy

So I've been hating on JBL all night but I have to say his comentary on this match has been great I love the respect he's showed for Cowboy Bob Orton (Randys Dad) which iit just goes to show the respect these guys get for each other over the years..

I even have to give it to Ziggy he's been amazing this whole match, for the first time ever I understand why he calls himself the show off, he's giving this match his all

Sadly his all just wasn't enough an RKO and Ziggy is done for Randy Orton takes the win, by fare I think this is going to have been the best match of the night This was the best match not to mention I spent a good thrity minuts getting to look at Orton

Eve is the new champ that puts me at 3 for 2 for the night blah miss the old days when at least if the girls couldn't wrestle they made it intertaining.,...
Sorry you don't get much of a Diva's update honestly they just suck this match didn't even last a full fifteen minutes and it was so boring and I don't think Eve should have won, yes I'm a woman and I have to say I miss the days when the Diva's pranced around in Bikinis and evening gowns or even the sabal hands..

They might have been TVM14 back then but hey at least while they was showing off the goods they could at least fight girls back in the AA eara where the best matches in Diva history.. *Sigh*

So WWE is paired now with some chick who I don't remember but their doing it for Breast cancer awarness and I think thats cool and the girls at ring side had on Cena's new pink and black shirt which I think is nice he's doing that at least for the month

So we're back to showing Kan and Bryan with Dr. Shelby and Aj Lee the RAW GM and let me tell you she's freaking out, I don't see her being GM much longer but love this whole scene of Kan dumping Gator-raid maybe water on Bryan and he states "WHAT DO I HAVE TO SAY? I'M GOING TO DISNEY LAND." Thats seriously the greatest thing ever I can just picture the big red monster on rides at Disney land I hope WWE sends him there and gets photos

I LOVE KING BOOKER .. For thoes of you who don't know Booker T, is the GM of Smack Down and I just love what The Great White just did to David stupid idiot never should have been faking an injury or ring side on the ropes ..

Now we're listning to JBL complain yet again I really cant stand this man, can not wait to see a Brough kick knock Delrio's head right of his stupid little shoulders please...


No way in this match last the whole 35 minutes punk is to much of a well punk to last that long in the ring with Cena I'm not the biggest Cena fan out there but please dear god let him win tonight so sick of Punk but I'm still a big fan of his entrance song..

Punk needs to stop stalling we don't respect this and we're never going to respect his heel turn
This match is so boring am I the only one who think they cant fight? I don't know just some times you get two guys in the ring and they just don't mesh these are two of them who don't work well togather, they cut great promo's but their in ring sucks to high heaven I seriously have no intrest in this match at all I've been doing everything but watching the fight I hope something exsiting or dirty and under handed happens just to make this more intresting

Just lost all respect I had for Punk its one thing to rip off the macho man, and wear the colors of Bret heart and sort of steal his slogan but its a whole another thing to steal THE ROCK BOTTOM

Cena wins he's our new champ and I cant say I'm sad I think that makes me 3 for 5 but I don't even care any more wait never mind Cena didn't win, and I'm still 3 for 5 the reffe called a draw or I guess I could be 4 for 4 I did say Punk would keep the title

"My dads here and your going to call it a draw don't I get something?" The last words Cena said to teh reffe before Punk cold cocked Cena with the belt what a cheap shot I'm so off Cena had the win, story line or not that was horse

Okay guys thats really how the show ended tonight and sorry if some of this doesn't make sense I copied this from my facebook and so I just went back an edited out all my bad words or I tried to please some one let me know if I left any in here I tried my best not to leave any.

Good Love A Gerard Way story but its not your typical Gerard Way story

Shine I'm not sure what to really say about this one its just so good you have to read it.
September 17th, 2012 at 05:41am