31 Day Writing Challenge... #18 - Like, No Love

18. What are your top ten favorite things to write about? (in your story or in general)

1.) First Love scene; I'm romantic
2.) Physical Fighting scenes; I got mad Ninja skills and my character do to.
3.) Stories with Fairies; It my favorite of the fea/supernatural creature thing.
4.) Stories with Werewolves; I love a angsty werewolf.
5.) Stories with Vampire; I love writing about any vampire that's not in Twilight.
6.) Describing New Plants; I'm a description whore.
7.) Indiana Jones like parts; Elaborate dungeons scene, yeah b*tch
8.) Stories with Music in it; Most times I'll write the song myself.
9.) Interactions between mothers and daughters*
10.) Stories with Pets.; I have cute pets and love writing about them.

Number nine is special because I base a lot of my mother-daughter convocation, experience and relationships on me and my mother. We're very close and she one of my best friends. That's why I normal I will write that the mother is dead rather then abusive, absent, or neglectful when I'm doing a story and need her to bee gone.

Hey, guy. I actually had time to put them in order. I also know I told you I was sick but I'm feeling better. I took Theraflu and went to sleep. I also had to go to my aunts funerals. We didn't go to the burial site because it was rain and I didn't want to caught a cold but I made my peace a long time ago. I haven't cry yet. Is that weird.

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