I seriously have the best professors ever. Since I've been having to deal with all this turmoil in my life, I've slipped a bit in my studies and a lot of homework and assignments haven't been done yet. So I decided to shoot my professor an email telling her I would like to finish all of it and turn it in even if I get a zero for it. It would just make me feel better to get it all done and turned in even if it won't count for anything.

This was her reply:
"Jessica, don't worry about the lateness. I'll grade everything as it comes in. I'm glad that you are still in the game.

Dr. Carter"

Yay! I am so happy! I can't believe it... professors don't usually do that. This means I still have a chance at getting an A!!! Awesome!

It's the first day of fall as well. It was certainly a terrible summer. College is now my only way out of this dump of a town and I'm seriously working my butt off trying to get somewhere in life. There's really only one direction left for me to go, and that's forward.

In 3 months I will be moving into my own house in a new city and finally pursuing my dream as a psychologist. I'm so excited, the university campus is beautiful and has a fantastic atmosphere. And then after that, I really really hope I can attend Graduate school in Austin. That's where I NEED to be. Austin. I will make it my goal to get there within 3 years.
September 22nd, 2012 at 10:35pm