31 Day Writing Challenge... #22 - Playing Favorites

22. What top ten scenes do you find the least complicated to work on? (in your story)

I know I said I didn't really like writing agrument scenes. However, I found that they where the easiest to write. I guess it because all of the agruments I wrote about I had agrue over and over and couldn't fit them all in so I had to combine them. I though they came rather well done, I didn't receive any complains. I also found the scene with my few friends and my mother where also easy. I another one I think is a product of me doing them repeatedly. Of the friend scenes I liked writing Jemi parts the most, which I explain before. I don't have ten things that I liked about this particular piece because it wasn't written out of fun, interest or joy. I wrote it to put my opinion on a situation I didn't really have any control of.

I want to say again that I haven't written, read or even seen this story in about three to four years so you can excuse me that I don't really remember all that much about the writing. I really only remember what happened because I lived it. Again for this I apologize.

Saturday, ‎September ‎22, ‎2012
September 24th, 2012 at 06:17am