Born to Die-- Paradise Edition + Word Count Policy (If that's what it is...)

SO it turns out Lana Del Rey re-released Born to Die, with a Paradise Edition. There’s seven new tracks on it. I just heard “Burning Desire”. I honestly can’t wait for the rest of these songs. I need to hear them. And I need to personally request to Lana that she must have a tour somewhere in Pennsylvania/New York/New Jersey so I can go see her. Because I wanna see her live. Because I love that woman. She’s perfect.

I know I’m new to Mibba, got it. And it turns out there’s this thing where blog posts must be 200 words. So I’m just gonna ramble on about completely irrelevant stuff because usually I make my stuff short, sweet and to the point but I guess I have to get used to giving you the runaround and making my point covered with filo paper and sugar.
Ah, see 150 words!

Well in chat boxes you need to be as quick and short as possible… And I have to do school every day… So technically I’m typing in chat boxes all day, 5 days a week. Well no not all day but still.
Oh look I reached 200.

September 24th, 2012 at 10:41pm