31 Day Writing Challenge... #24 - Never Again

24. Do you want to remake what you've been working on all this time, or are you completely happy with it?

First of I would like to say I been through that idea of remaking this story but let share a few quotes about this story from Jemi, Kathy and my best friend, Shana. "Your better off leaving the pass in the pass and saying fuck it to the rest."-Kathy. "Honey,that shit was off the hook but I also think you need therapy but I know you not going. So stop telling people but this or they going to have you locked up. Drama City!" -Jemi. " I can't believe you posted your personal life all over the internet. You know what, that so you, just promise me you won't do it a again."-Shana. I could never rewrite or remake or re-anything this story because I don't want to go back to it.

One hour later...
Okay, okay not that I would but if i did there one or two I would change. If I did remake this I would rewrite it shorter and cleaner. I feel like i wrote a lot of filler chapters. I would have liked to rewrite the whole argument with Kathy because she was suppose to be my Jane in my story but I think that argument at the park in chapter 11 or 12 really didn't play off well with her part in the story. We did have the fight like argument but it wasn't as mean on her part but it was one of those combination arguments. Where I combined to two arguments, It made her come off as pushy / bossy but she more laid back then that. I would have liked to make her more calm and when did read it she didn't a problem with her character but she did think my character was more timid then me.

All in all I don't really have any major complain and am satisfy with the out come. I like the story I wrote and what it meant to me. I wouldn't have changed it or why I wrote it. It was my life in a dramatic and romantic story.

‎Monday, ‎September ‎24, ‎2012
September 25th, 2012 at 05:53am