31 Day Writing Challenge... #25 - Rewriting the Script

25. Have you grown and changed in the development of this story?

I did but in a slightly different way. When I first said I was going to write the story following the plotline of Pride and Prejudice it was because it followed the closest to what happened in my real life. it follow even though I originally was going to change the ending to suit what should have happen rather then what did. But when you invest so much into keeping the story realitic and true sometime what your original intention was get lost. You might forget what you meant to the story or in my case what the story outline was meant to be and be to me. It was a piece really dedicated to a book I love and want to rewrite all while telling my story. I thought about it about half way through and decide to change the out come a little and get back on track with Jane Austen. I had to midway through rework some of the pieces and notify the followers of the story's changes. I was over all glad I did. It made me rethink how the real life drama play out and in some case how I could have handled it better then

S.N.: I did. I guess this would have been better for the last entry rather then this one. Sorry!

Tuesday, ‎September ‎25, ‎2012
September 26th, 2012 at 06:18am