31 Day Writing Challenge... #26 - Rumor Has It

26. Is the title of your story of some significance?

LIke I said before, the events that lead to the stories started with Kelly point out in middle school that most of the girls all boy liked or treat speacial had big boobs, big additudes and were big flirts. That when the joke among other girl started and I just got pick out becuase I said that the one that annoyed me the most was Cassie. She was dating someone I like but that fact that she was so extra about everything. She had to be the loudest and have most attention of everyone in the room. I had fairytaled Damin in my mind bbut later find out that he wasn't completey who I thought he was. He wasn't a bad person but he wasn't a perfect as I thought he was. Cassie flirted with everybody and she show here nice body to everybody. The mojarity of the rumors where about her. So when I was coming up with the name of my story the Push-Up part of the title was kind of in seens sterotyping and shoot out to the rumors more less. It was an inhouse joke, if you want attention by a push-up bra and make a fool out of your self. That's how the title came to be, it was like a tiny little covert b*tchslap to the girls at my school. You think your better then us but it really only your bra and the fact that you act slutty. I have a big rack but mind didn't come in until 8th grade, My joke is in one summer I went for B's to D's.

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September 30th, 2012 at 02:21am