31 Day Writing Challenge... #28 - Good Reasons

28. Is the title you have picked important to you?

Yes. It is what got me started when it comes to writing in genral. I got good feed back, comments, reviews, and I even had fans. I felt so good that I could get people interested in something as simple as a story I made up. I loved that people wanted to read my writing. So for me this story was the beginning of my new chapter of life, the passion. It gave me in outlet for both my emotions and my creative. Both at time felt lacking, unappreciated and overlooked. I felt like I was utilizing it to my full potential.

It is also special to me because it is a remake of my favorite story. I love all of Jane Austen's story but this one is the closest to my heart. It was both my thank you to her and acknowledgment that this great piece of work was still relevant even hundreds of years after it was writing. That no matter the social class, the race, the age, the reason or the outcome it still made sence. People can and will still act on or with there own prejudices and pride before thinking and/or getting to know others.

Friday, ‎September ‎28, ‎2012
September 30th, 2012 at 10:30am