Forums: Who Really Participates?

I'm new to this site. I think I'm about to go on a week so I'm still exploring the site. I came across the forum's after someone had mentioned I should check it out if I needed any help. Well I checked out the baseball section and the WWE section because I am interested in both of these fields. I subscribed to them hoping I could see some updates and possibly make a few new friends or possibly find a person to do a random co-write with. As I noticed the dates on the people though I saw years, and months since some of the most recent posting. Needless to say the items were obviously outdated and even though I left a message on those forums I wonder if these forums are even used.

1) Do you use the forums?
2) Do any of your friends use them or are they forgotten about?
October 8th, 2012 at 05:00am