I feel like crap. ):

The worst thing in life is when someone plagiarize your work, and it's not just one but two story! I am so incredibly sad right now because everything that I wrote here in Mibba is for my pleasure and for people to give me feedback so I can be better. It's for me to escape reality and when I see that someone copy paste my work it makes me feel like crap.

This literally never happened to me before, because I usually wrote shitty story and this year is the first time that I have the courage to post it on Mibba and someone plagiarize it? God, even words can't describe how devastated I am.

I dont want to fight and I'm never good at confronting other people so I decided to just delete one of my story and probably put the other one on Hiatus. I don't know what I will do anymore.

Writing story is my passion but now it all seems like useless to me. ):

I feel like crap.
October 8th, 2012 at 04:39pm