Mibba, I can't pick a story for Nano! Help?

I'm seriously torn between three stories and I want to start writing and then wait to write the nano one, but I've got to pick one first. Whatever I sav til nano is most likely going to get finished.

So, Nano topics

1. Sonja Maria Alonses was no ordinary girl. She was captain of the fiercest pirate ship the oceans had ever seen, in her opinion anyway, the ultimate swordsman, also her own opinion, and most importantly, a page hopper. She has the ability to hope through stories and tales other than her own using a magic book. For ages, Sonja believed she was the only hopper left, until she begins to meet girls one after one with her exact ability. The six hoppers, the pirate, the princess, the cowgirl, the jazz singer, the genie, and the priestess team up to find the pages lost from the book before their stories fade away forever, the girls and their friends all going with them

2. Max Kelvin is asked by his father's fellow scientist to help with an experiment. He initially doesnt agree, but his sister Sally attempts to convince him otherwise, claiming he hasn't embraced any new experiments and technologies since their mother passed. He then changes his mind, if only to make his sister happy. The experiment works perfectly, but not the way Max was told. The boy and the scientist end up in a steampunk-esque kingdom run by a teenaged queen by the name Olivia. The scientist begins to take over the kingdom with his futuristic technology, and at Quuen Olivia's request, Max must stop him. Before he says no, he realizes Olivia is like Sally in every way. He agrees.

3. Creatures have taken over the surface and have forced much of the civilians to reside in the underground for decades. Demius, a young man desperate to see the surface, enlist in the army to force the creatures out. There he mights the boastful and a bit bizarre Theodosia LeFrond, an engineer determined to industrialize the surface and singlehandedly take back the land. While most think Theo and her father's experiments are mad, Demius sees the experiments working and attempts to prove it to everyone around, before the creatures invade the underground, where his family, his fellow townspeople, and his fiancé have hidden for ages.

Any of those sound like good nano topics? And what are you guys writing this year if your doing it?
October 8th, 2012 at 11:07pm