Dreaming + Dr. Who

First off, I began watching Dr. Who on Sunday night and instantly fell in love. I'm already on season three. When I saw the season two finale... I almost broke down in tears. I never cry during movies or TV shows because I just don't. But when Rose said she loved the Doctor and he didn't have time to say he loved her back, that made me almost cry. He had left her trapped in a parallel universe with her family but she didn't want to be there. It was just so sad. He did it because he loved her and even though he lost her, she was alive. The entire time I was thinking "Why can't they be together?! No one can replace Rose! He needs Rose! He loves her!" then I realized there were more seasons and that was probably never going to happen anyways. David Tennant as the Doctor, though, genius. He's so good at playing him and on top of that he's adorable. I'd travel through time with him in a heartbeat.

Secondly, is there anything wrong with dreaming? Like, constantly. Dreaming constantly. I love sci-fy shows because they're so detached from reality. I am so detached from reality. And yet people think that's some sort of flaw or weakness. Is there any reason as to why I cannot escape the realm of reality and be somewhere I want to be? No one can reach me in my head but they try to get in it. I know I can't take a permanent break from life so why can't I just be me? Because when you have no motivation to do anything at all you don't want to be living in a hell hole where you're constantly oppressed, fueling the hate you have for everything, making you more disinterested in reality.
Feelings are too complicated.
October 10th, 2012 at 05:40pm