The Dating Contract

By signing this contract you agree to all of the following terms and conditions to dating this person as well as to stick by these until the relationship is over.
1. In no way, shape or form should you place consequences upon your partner for being friends with anyone unless they are a legitimate danger to either of you or your relationship or if the friend harasses either of you.
2. You will always trust your partner while in the relationship unless you have legitimate proof that they are cheating on you.
3. You will never make them choose between you and something else minor such as, but not limited to, hanging out with friends, a family activity, playing a sport or anything else that is not detrimental to your relationship.
4. You will never cheat on your partner.
5. You will love them more than anyone else that is not related to you.
6. You will let them have their time away from you when they want, within reason.
7. You will never say anything that will insult, hurt, anger, sadden or guilt them purposely.
8. You will respect their wishes and their space.
9. You will never do anything inappropriate that was not mutually decided upon previously and agreed upon by both.
10. You will never “enter” your partner without an “open boarders” agreement that has been decided upon by both partners previously. Nor can this agreement be forced upon one by anybody.
11. You will not anger over any small disputes unless it has been done multiple times previously; everybody makes mistakes.
12. Your relationship’s importance comes after school, work, doctor/dentist appointments, family obligations, household obligations and your health.
13. You will never end this contract because of any minor problem that is, but is not limited to, any of the ones stated on this contract.
14. You will discuss any small problems, how to fix them and then mutually agree on a compromise or solution to said problem.
15. If you break any rule on this contract you could face punishment as great as, but not limited to, the extermination of this contract and your partnership. This punishment is based solely upon the decision of your partner alone.
16. You will show your loyalty towards your partner in public and private.
17. You will always protect, support and back your partner up when they are in need of it.
18. You will always respect the girl and bro codes.
19. You will act as your partner’s best friend as well as lover.
20. You will always be proud of your partner and your relationship with them.
21. You will not find the appearance of your partner more important than the importance of their personality, attitude, ethics or thoughts.

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October 12th, 2012 at 08:23am