Better Than Sex

I'm such a huge baseball fan that it's posted as my religion on my Facebook page. My favorite baseball team is the St. Louis Cardinals and based on the lack of attention in the baseball forum, I'm assuming nobody know anything about them. Well they were a huge underdog last season and won the World Series. They faced elimination games every series and were often down to their last strike and won. This season has been a lot of the same stuff. They won the wild card (basically the last spot to get into the playoffs). They beat the Braves in a one game series against one of the best up and coming pitcher. They then faced the Washington Nationals which was the best team during the regular season and tonight they were losing for the majority of the game but they continued to chip away. A run one inning, two another inning, one again, and finally we were in the last inning down by two runs. A runner on third with two outs still down two. Boom goes the dynamite! A couple walks and a couple hits later and we get 4 runs with two outs in the ninth! Wow I was hooting and hollering so loud. It felt better than sex once we got those runs. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack that inning. My dog was just sitting there watching me because I was acting like such a goof. I couldn't help myself. I had a bottle of liquor with my name on it if we lost. The MLB season would have been over to me and full on depression was on it's way. I'm super happy that the season is still alive and our next game is Sunday against the Giants.

- The Natural
October 13th, 2012 at 08:05am