Layout Request :/ Pleaasseee!

Hello there, my beautiful Mibbians. I was wondering if anyone could do me a huge, enormous, amazing favor. I was wondering if anyone is out there that would be willing to make a kick-ass layout for my story ‘One Drunken Night’. It’s a story about four guys going out getting drunk and making drunken phone calls that inevitably screw up their life. I would totally do it myself… if I had any idea how to XD

I have the picture I would like you to use for the banner, and you could set up the page however you choose so long as it sort of goes together with the banner picture.

If anyone would be willing to do it, I would gladly subscribe to, and recommend all of your stories and you would get a shout-out in the story summary. I would also recommend you as a user.

So… is anyone out there up for it? I would add you to the story and let you do your layout on it. Please? I would appreciate it, greatly. Please comment on this story, or message me if you are interested.


Now since Mibba has this 200 words or more rule on blogs, I will now stall to make this blog more than 200 words… Oh hey! Look at that… I’m done!
October 13th, 2012 at 03:56pm