#Pipebomb Employers

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. The Cardinals won last night and play again tonight. It should be a good show on RAW tonight and I'll find out if I win this weeks matchups in fantasy football after the game tonight. It's a day I'm looking forward to. Then I go outside to get the mail and I have a bill saying I owe over a grand and I have to pay $80 a month. Instantly angry. This was the same thing that told me to submit this long survey thing in hopes of getting the loan cancelled and if I finished it before the month ended, which I did, they would take off some money. I'm not really sure if they did or not but again I was angry.

I wish I was in a room with all the future employers and I could cut a promo on them like the infamous pipe bomb speech that CM Punk gave the WWE over a year ago. I could just imagine the outcomes. I'm tired of the older generation looking down on us and telling us that we just think we deserve everything and we just deserve to be given a top spot. I don't believe that at all. I know I can do many things that others can't do but I know that I need to prove that and learn the inside and outside of politics wherever I ended up working at. The real issue is our entire educational system. A college education is as good as a high school diploma now a days. It takes so long to get hired after college that by the time we are actually hired we've forgotten everything we ever semi-learned at our prestigious institutions. That's really all they are. We are sent to institutions. It's a way to corral all the "immature inexperienced young adults" and find a way to re socialize us like they do to us when we enter kindergarten or pre-school classes to teach us to fit in with other people and not act out. Well I'm prone to acting out. If I think somethings wrong and should be address I'm doing it!

I'm tired of applying for jobs and never getting a call back. I'm not applying for things that are out of my reach. I'm applying for stuff that only require a high school diploma. I've applied for what is essential an internship, entry level job that will only pay you a thousand bucks a month. Are we teaching the people who are trying to join the workforce that you are so inexperience and so weak and so miniscule that we want to pay you as little as we can legally do to force you to work another job just so you can pay rent or pay for groceries? Do you really want us to continually do these idiot jobs for 3-5 years until we get that experience? I guess you want us living with our parents until we're thirty.

Again imagine myself in a room with these hundreds and hundreds of employers. I'd probably get in one of their faces and ask them what made them so special to be where they are right now? Did someone give then a chance when they didn't really deserve it? Did they get a job because their parents knew somebody? Don't you realize how flawed a system like that is? Don't you realize how things have changed over the decades they've worked. The world has gotten smaller. A person in Iowa can now apply for jobs in New York and California and have it received in the same day. We can communicate with the people overseas and that's happened in my lifetime. I grew up with it and didn't have to relearn it through a program because I'm outdated and a dinosaur. I'm the best thing out there that they need. I learn quick and what I want to do I have a passion for. I want to continue to learn and I want to be the best at everything I do. And even though our society has shown and proved that it doesn't promote creativity and doesn't promote innovation I still have it. Those that have left an impression on the world through creativity and innovation were first shown the door and they had to go out and do it themselves. Steve Jobs anyone? Maybe that's what it comes down to. A person has to start their own business and create their own job now-a-days.

No longer is it okay to take a young employee and mentor him. The working man or woman who has done the same job for years and years and has grown content with their lives have become so threatened that a young up and comer is going to take their spot and leave them jobless that they'll do what they have to to keep the youngster away from their portion of the pie. I'm not saying they'll sabotage him or her on purpose but they definitely aren't handing out forks and spoons like when these top management people were young up and comers. I've worked my ass off during school in both the classrooms and in the work fields. I've carried several group projects that I essentially did on my own. I researched, wrote, presented many of topics that I didn't give a shit about in less time than most real business presentations and never got anything lower than a B. I went in and talked to one of my teachers who made the presentations list about getting an extension because I was the first one to present and he said no. He told me over the years I've always given great speeches and presentations and my papers have always been excellent and he wanted to show the class what a real class discussion and presentation needed to be. That's why he made me the first person.

I can get gleaming reviews from my teachers and ex-bosses but I guess that doesn't matter if you can't ever get a call back. In this imaginary room in my mind I'd probably pull out a copy of my resume and rip it up. I'd probably throw it on the floor and pee on it. I'd say that's all a resume is worth. Half of it on everyone's resume is made up or escalated to delusions of grandeur. The only thing you could ever really count on what when a man said he was going to do something and then he did it. He built up a stability of work. I did that and I've done that for years. My resume at 21 was just as impressive as a graduated college student at 24. A person against the wall who never came from any money is exactly the person you want to hire. He has something to work for because he's afraid to take a step back.

Now's here's where I turn the tables and I put it back on you. How many of you label yourselves as the business man or the CEO? You live your entire lives being proud of your job and what you've done in the business world. How many divorces are there in this room? How many missed birthday or missed sports games are there because you just had to get this business deal on this day. A good business man is one who is also happy in his personal life because he knows what matters. He has a pulse with the people in the real world, the average working man. Trust your employees and delegate tasks. Hire the young workers who don't have families or kids yet to do these jobs so you can teach your kids right and wrong and cherish your wife and husband. It's just so simple to me that I don't understand why it keeps getting lost in translation to reach the people in power of hiring.

-The Natural
October 15th, 2012 at 10:37pm