It's been a while | Candy Bowl | Walking Dead

It's been a long time since I've been on Mibbs, guys. And I really miss it. Granted, I feel like there are only a couple people on this site who even acknowledge my presence, but still. I love reading everyone's stories and blogs, so I've genuinely missed that.

A lot of things have changed since I last posted anything. I've since moved into a house with some family friends. It's nearly up in the mountains and it's been really stormy and beautiful the past few days. But anyway, for the most part, I'm really starting to like living here. I feel like I have an extended family here, considering I live with like 5 more people than normal. And yeah, that makes ten of us on this entire property. -.- But I've been becoming a little more social, considering this is basically a party house. There's one nearly every weekend. So I've been meeting more people and whatnot. Which is good because my social life is nearly non-existent.

Well, I think at this point in time, I'm going to hop on the Mibba bandwagon and do a candy bowl thing. There aren't many rules - you may choose a maximum of four treats and remember that patience is a virtue. I won't be able to get to them right away because of my hectic schedule, but I will get to them. Also, I'm not going to put a limit on how many people can choose what, cause I feel that's just unfair. :)

Hershey's Kiss: A recommendation - be it a story, poem, tutorial, article, user, etc.

Twix: A lengthy comment on a story of your choice. I would prefer nothing over 10 chapters and no incest or slash. One-shots and drabbles are okay too.

Candy corn: A comment on a poem of your choice.

Skittles: A friend request. ;)

Starburst: A story or poem layout.


This part may contain spoilers about the Walking Dead, so if you haven't seen it and don't wish to read this, go ahead and stop reading here.

Anyway. Did anyone catch the season premiere of The Walking Dead? It was so great. It feels like a lifetime since the last season. The one thing I didn't like was all the freaking commercials. At the beginning of the show, the commercials were like every five minutes and extremely long. They started to thin out but they were still every ten minutes or so, and SO LONG. It was annoying. But anywho, what do you think is going to happen this season? How do you think Lori's baby will turn out? Do you think that the whole "Caryl" (Carol and Daryl) thing is going to happen? What about the people at the prison, Merle, and all the others? What about Hershel's leg? Think he'll live? Etc. I just need someone to have a conversation with about this stuff, considering I don't have many friends who watch TWD and I need to obsess with someone. :D

Well, I hope you all have been doing well! See ya!
October 17th, 2012 at 07:43pm