This is wonderful news | Questions

Well, it's wonderful news for me at least. FINALLY, I have internet in my home. After years of not having it, we have finally gotten it. And it's glorious. Cause now I can regularly update on here and feed my Tumblr addiction while I'm at it. I guess this makes up for me feeling sick. :D

Anyway, it's absolutely pouring outside and I love it. It hasn't really rained like this in a while. And that's really odd for the Pacific Northwest. So I welcome it. It's especially great when I get to cuddle up in bed and be online. ;D

I guess pointless blog is pointless, for the most part. On to the questions!

1. How are you today/night?
2. I have some treats left in my [url=]candy bowl[/ur], if you're interested. I guess that's not really a question...
3. Working on anything new?
4. Any contests you would suggest?
5. Goodnight!
October 19th, 2012 at 04:39am