Alex's Lemonade Stand - Blog Challenge #2 - Mibba's Activism Challange

How did you get involved in this cause? And why do you support it?

After my encounter with that inspiring mother/ambassador for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, my curiosity for the charity increased dramatically. I soon started researching ways that ordinary folks could help out the charity, and I was astounded by how many ways there were.

I almost immediately signed up to do the Alex’s Lemonade Run, not to mention the widespread of business that support Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I started donating one dollar at a time and also telling my friends and family to. Why? Because I believe in the same philosophy that 8 year old Alex Scott had before she died. She said that if many people can help her, even by helping a little bit, she’ll be able to reach her goal to help fund for childhood cancer research and make a lot of children’s and their families’ lives better.

The dedication and endurance that millions of children all over the globe have to have in order to beat their cancer is unbelievable and absolutely cannot go unnoticed. The strength that these little kids have, some not even old enough to talk, is unparalleled and truly inspiring.

Blog Challenge #2 - written for Mibba's Activism Challenge
October 21st, 2012 at 07:04pm