Normandy's Love of Poking Things with Sticks Leads her to Seek Advice

So I like messing with things, and stuff, and just junk in general. That includes provoking people, conversations, objects, ect. Whatever catches my eye. Because sometimes it invokes chaos. And chaos is absolutely fun; sorry, but it is. At least, it give me a rush, and I'm good at it.

So, when one of my friends' mentioned pulling out an Ouija board the other night to communicate with whatever is in his house, I'm more than a little down for it.

I think that last statement deserves a little elaboration. For the past few years there have been things going on in his house that can't be deemed... normal. Most of the time when I come over to play video games it's just us. His mom's a school teacher, dad works in real estate. So they've bot got full day jobs. Noon, no one's home, we go upstairs to get food or a drink or something, all the doors are closed. Again. No one in the house but us. We come back up a little while later to do the dishes and all of the cabinet doors are wide open, and the back door to the porch is just thrown open as well. Again, no one but us in the house. Okay, that's definitely a bit weird. Factor in the voices you can hear throughout his house when there's no one there, or what he heard two nights ago: someone just outside his sister's room calling her name. They both heard it, and it wasn't either parent. It's been things like that, stuff late at night that messes with him or his sister when there's no one else around (footsteps following them around, her comforter hovering off the foot of her bed, things chasing him upstairs), creepy, not normal, or explainable stuff. A lot of times faucets turn on, or lights no one has touched in a while are found on for no particular reason. It's mildly disturbing. But I'm curious.

Now that he's mentioned a ouija board I'm more than a little amused, and I want to give it a shot. Mind you, he had no idea what it entailed so i took it upon myself to look into the board and it's uses. I've done my research and these things should be taken with caution, so I'm not above preparing myself for what's nessicary before or after. While the eager, bright-eyed poke-it-with-a-stick part of me is screaming 'lets do it!' A tiny bit of me is going, you sure about that?

So, that's where I need a bit of advice. I'm foolish, and impulsive. Extremely impulsive. So I'll more than likely go through with this, unless someone can explain to me why this is a horrible idea and I should set the board on fire if he brings it in my presence. So advice is more than welcome.

Should I help him go through with this, or no?
October 25th, 2012 at 07:16am