I miss you

Fuck you, you horrible lovely boy you.
You ended our relationship, but we remain friends.
You told me the day after that you started talking to this girl.
I was jealous, and you knew it.
I told you that it seemed like our relationship meant nothing to you.
You said you were sorry and that it did.
I fucking miss you.
We still hang out, we still talk on the phone late at night, we still flirt, we still hug, we still care.
You told me that you don't like, not being with me.
I shrugged, I didn't want to show that I care.
I didn't want to show that I feel the same way,
I wanted you to hurt the way I did.
The way that I do.
A week ago when I dropped you off you said you loved me.
I said wow
A week after that, which is today you kissed me.
I kissed you back.
You said I love you.
I laughed.
I fucking love you too.
But I won't tell you anytime soon.
October 26th, 2012 at 04:48am