The Giant Super Supreme Blog of Gay Fiction/Slash!

Bonjour, Mibba People!
I'm Alice, it's nice to meet all of you. c:

If you're wondering about the title, well, I wanted something that would catch your eye, and if you're reading this... well I suppose it worked! Haha. xD
True to the title, this is a blog about gay fiction/slash and will include not only my reccomendations, but a chance for you to reccomend some to me!
I feel like when I first joined Mibba, gay fiction was this big trend that a lot of people wrote about, it was popular, I even remember lurking and seeing people complain about how much there was!
Clearly, this is no longer the case, hahaha.
Which sort of sucks as an avid slash reader/writer myself, mostly in the reading department. :c

Which is why I created this blog! :3
For all those lurker gay fiction writers/readers of the blog section like myself.
Here you can browse a few titles to read yourself, while also naming a few of your own!
Or we can just become friends because I'm always looking to meet new friends. (^▼^)

My Slash Reccomendations:

1. Camp Boulder by Palliser.
It's not only hilarious, with cool characters and an interesting plotline, but one of the best written works on this site! Completed.

2. Horizon Lines by animal soup.
The characters of this one definitely grow on you, also amazingly written and really realistic too, which will have you falling in love. Completed.

3. The Nerd Boy by maxx dazinger.
It's your classic nerd and bad boy with a twist unique to the author, and it definitely sucks you in. Completed.

4. Dogfight by A T T A C K !
The shy and skinny boy in this one definitely packs a punch, haha. Really goes to show that appearances aren't always as they seem! Also wonderfully written.

5. Assumptions by thrillionaire.
If the forbidden fruit sort of love is your guilty pleasure, this is your story, with the step-brother boundary there it really plays it off wonderfully.

Only five for now but I hope you like some of those, I'll save the rest for a later date! o(≧▽≦)o

Also, some shameless self-advertising on my part: Homophobe is my story between two best friends, maybe it'll catch your interest.

I just want to say thank you all so, so much for everyone who reads this story.
Everyday I'm absolutely shocked by all the feedback I've recieved with only 14 chapters, and while I may not talk to you guys often I want you to know that I do appreciate you so much and if you ever want to strike up a conversation I'm always here to listen! <3
You guys are the best readers ever! xD

And if you are a reader, it may interest you that I will be updating this story tonight.

That is all my lovelies.
Reccomend your own titles, be it something you wrote yourself or a story that has caught your own eye, in the comment section!
I love discovering new novels to fall in love with. <3

Au reviour!
And have a dandy day! 。◕ ‿ ◕。
October 26th, 2012 at 09:35pm