What banner making program do you use?

*please excuse the Alex's Lemonade Stand layout. I just finished the Mibba's activism challenge, and that's why this layout is here*

Hello there my beatiful Mibbians! So I'm always on this website and I always see the most awesoe banners on planet earth. I think one of my favorites is this one. I know that there are some really talented people on Mibba who make there own beautiful banners so I was wondering, if you are one of those people, what banner making program do you use?

What's you favorite Banner Making Program?


Thanks so much. Oh and guess what. I decided to go to Philly to visit my family for a little while and now it looks like I'm stuck here because of a Hurricane. Gaah!! I should really pay more attention to weather before I travel. :(
October 28th, 2012 at 04:42am