School has been kicking my ass guys. All the work and test have been thrown my way left and right, not to mention the projects and papers and my editorial position in the yearbook. It's been crazy. It kills that you guys are the ones that suffer because of this.

I feel like my Kaner story is getting a bit too forced. I think I'm going to do the next chapter and then come back to it, the quality of writing just isn't up to par with my Toews story. The ideas aren't flowing. I'm going to put it on hiatus and work of my Hallsy story until it comes back to me. But I will definitely finish it eventually.

In other news, I have a few more ideas. A short Nuge one, an Eberle on, which will context back to not only the Hallsy and Huge stories but, also, my very first story for Mibba. I have a Tyler Seguin idea, completely unrelated to the one shot I wrote for him. I also have another Cory Emmerton one, where he's going to break a lot of societal rules and almost a legal one. And then I have one for my favorite 2012 draft pick, Tom Wilson. He will get a story!

As always, leave some ideas in my messages.

P.S. I might do these weekly.
October 29th, 2012 at 07:24am