What does it mean when I dream of dating the wrong guy? I mean the guy is one of my friends but he is not my crush. I then talked to my crush today after I beat the volleyball team I played against. We talked about how I did and how he did in his run for cross country.

What confuses me most is when we make eye contact or catch either looking at the other. Then later on he will completely ignore me.

I've recently decided to play along with his game and ignore him when he's present unless he tries to directly include me in something. Such as when we played black jack in history today.

Since I have joined in, it seems that he seeks my attention more often. I can only hope this game will draw to a close soon.

Also it seems to interest me that he knows that I like him, yet he is still interactive with me. He has other admirers that he pays no attention to and so I see this as us not being too far down the list of possibilities.

Life could be so much easier if only we could understand what others thought and know what they thought about other beings.

Best of luck to all of those friend zoned or crush crazed mibba-lings. I'll see you on the other side friends!
October 30th, 2012 at 04:04am