The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NYC - My Home.

So for the most part people know I live in the wonderful New York City and we unfortunately had to feel the effects of Hurricane Sandy pummeling from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. The Destruction in New York City is unbelievable and the photos don't do it justice. It really is as bad as they show it and even worse. Huge parts of Staten Island are destroyed as well as Brooklyn and The all of Downtown (the Financial District) is as well. A lot of people are still suffering from power loss, but if only that was the worst of it.

I got very lucky and blessed, living in a part of Brooklyn that's about a five minute drive from the water so we didn't feel much. Unfortunately a lot of my close friends as well as acquaintances have suffered terribly. My best friends house was completely flooded due to the storm, her whole neighborhood sat in six feet of water for a good twelve hours. She lost almost everything because her bedroom was in the basement and it was flooded to the ceiling.

And she is not the only one. Many people that I know have lost a lot of valuables, their houses flooded and their cars completely gone due to the severe flooding we experienced. My aunt, who unfortunately lives half a block from the water in Staten Island experienced flooding in her basement but it wasn't as bad. But her community got hit hard. Many houses are damaged or destroyed and pretty much the whole marina is sitting on the blocks around her. There are boats still attached to their docks, decks, tool sheds and everything else you can imagine lying on her blocks.

This afternoon, I had the unfortunate experience of realizing someone I knew died due to the hurricane. A tree feel on a Brooklyn couple in Ditmas Park. The guy that was killed was an acquaintance of mine that I had went to high school with. Breezy Point was also hit hard, close to 100 houses were burned down and once again, I knew people living there that lost everything in the fire.

I'm asking you guys to keep New York and New Jersey in your thoughts and prayers. The Death tolls aren't as high in either state at the moment but they will be going up. There are parts of New Jersey that are still flooded and rescue crews are having a hard time going in and the same goes for New York. The death toll, unfortunately, will be rising as we try to put our beautiful cities back in order.

When the hurricane hit us, I sat down and wrote quite a bit, but with everything going on in New York there is no energy to post anything up nor is there a want to be honest. A lot of tragedies happened and though my house wasn't affected, many people that I knew and I was close too got hit hard. We are currently trying to help to restore some stuff for the people that lost everything in our lives or replace the smallest things such as computers and small valuables.

That was all I really wanted to say, to be honest, it's just a very hard time in our lives right now.
October 31st, 2012 at 05:54am