Mitchell Adam Lucker <3

Mitchell Adam Lucker. a father, a husband, a son, an inspiration.

as you may already know, Mitch Lucker, the singer for Suicide Silence, died yesterday morning from a motorcycle accident.

to me... Mitch was one of my biggest inspirations. he means so much to me. as well, as his music and the rest of Suicide Silence. he will always be one of my heroes and inspirations. no matter if he is literally on the dirt of this earth, or up in heaven with the angels.

sitting here, typing this.. tears are currently flooding from my eyes. and to think as bad as this hurts me.. i just can't even imagine how his wife, Jolie, his beautiful daughter Kenadee, or the rest of his family and friends feel. i don't think i could bare the pain. and for Kenadee to never grow up with her dad. she may be 5, but i know she understands. and i know it is rough for her.

his friends, family, and even his fans, are grieving over his death. Suicide Silence will never be the same. honestly, i will never be the same. his daughter.. i don't even want to think about it.

i know this is a terrible tragedy, but i don't think Mitch would want to look down and see all of us mourning over his death. i'm sure he is pleased and he respects that we care so much about him. after all, he is some of an idol to some.

with this being said, tears being shed, and all the above. i just want to say, Rest In Peace Mitchell Adam Lucker. you were an inspiration to many. i know you're up there headbanging with the angels. i'll see you soon. <3
November 2nd, 2012 at 11:45pm