1D vs SS and all that stuff.

Literally so sick of seeing this. I don't care who you are or what music you like. Mitch Lucker is DEAD and to insult his fanbase is annoying yes but to insult his FAMILY, friends, band, and the dead man himself is just straight up fucked.

I know it started with a One Direction fan(s). But seriously. Not everyone who likes One Direction hates Mitch or is as fucked up as that person/those people who said that about him. And it's not really Mibba I'm seeing this on but on Tumblr. People are shitting on 1D fans. Like stop. Shit on those specific people who just so happened to bring 1D into it.

I'm just annoyed mainly because I love 1D as much as I love SS. I've been a fan of SS since they came out and just recently (like last month) started liking 1D but I LOVE their music now.

But that's irrelevant. It's just annoying how people are looking at this as another reason to hate 1D and their fanbase. Granted they do have one of the most obnoxious fanbases out their, it's just. Annoying.

I know someone's gonna take this the wrong way and think I'm defending people who insulted Mitch/everyone but I'm NOT. I'm just frustrated that certain people think every non-Suicide Silence fan is agreeing with what they said.

What they said is completely fucked up. I would kill to see SS live again and meet Mitch 100 times more. And I hate that his daughter is going to have to grow up without a father.

This is all over the place I know and probably doesn't make much sense. This is either going to go over wrong with everyone or no one's gonna comment. I can feel it. But like I said this isn't about anyone specific. I've really only seen people like that on Tumblr anyway more than on here. But.
November 5th, 2012 at 04:20am